Sydney Cinematic Wedding Videography

Catherine Anselmi, our Director, has a Master's Degree from the College of Fine Arts, and an extensive background in the film industry. Catherine personally oversees the art direction of your wedding photography and videography. "I see my client's weddings as a theatre piece to be recorded with great sensitivity and attention to detail."

Ceremony Package

Anyone Can Point a Camera and Turn It On...

But not everyone understands the art of capturing your wedding beautifully. Not everyone can frame up a shot beautifully or compose each shot to show you off at your best; creating a stunning wedding video and wedding album for you to enjoy many years into your married life.

Our quality video productions and photography are an ideal way to remember your day. We capture:

  • Your vows as you speak them
  • Behind the scenes preparations
  • Fabulous photo shoots
  • A clear recording of your speeches
  • We capture the emotion of your day
  • We capture the details you have laboured over for months
  • We give you a permanent record of your day

Most couples say to me that the day goes so fast that they don't remember most of it. Having a video is the only way to capture those moments that you will want to treasure forever and not forget.

Cinematic Wedding Videography

View our Video Blog displaying our latest Sydney Wedding Videos. Our style is to shoot beautiful footage and edit it simply and beautifully into a timeless memory for you to enjoy now and in 20, 30 or 50yrs time and not feel that it becomes corny and dated.

Our wedding videographers shoot footage, which is professionally edited and turned into your own feature length movie; the story of your love, the blending of your families and friends on your wedding day.

Wedding Photography

View our Photo Blog portraying Sydney Wedding Photography - a showcase of some of the most beautiful wedding photography shot in Sydney. Our photographers capture the essence and spirit of each bride and groom plus their family and friends. Shot with sensitivity and capturing not only the beautiful portraits, classical in style, but also those wonderful unguarded moments. Vogue Photography produces works of art you will cherish for a lifetime.

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