Cinematic Wedding Video - Sydney

Catherine Anselmi, our Director, has a Master's Degree from the College of Fine Arts, and an extensive background in the film industry. Catherine personally oversees the art direction of your wedding photography and videography. "I see my client's weddings as a theatre piece to be recorded with great sensitivity and attention to detail."
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The Canon 5D DSLR Revolution

The video DSLR is an amazing digital tool that enables filmmakers to create true "cinematic" images. This convergence of motion and still photography has revolutionized the wedding film industry. With it's amazing shallow depth of field and low-light sensitivity previously only seen with cameras costing tens of thousands of dollars, this hybrid camera system has opened up new and exciting opportunities for our industry.

The Canon EOS 5D is a 21.1- megapixel full-frame CMOS digital single-lens reflex camera made by Canon, the first Canon EOS camera to have video recording capabilities. It succeeds the EOS 5D and was announced on 17 September 2008.

This camera has rocked the film world and completely stolen the indie filmmaking headlines. The 5D body is miniscule in comparison to other production cameras and excels in low-light conditions like no other camera. It is the perfect tool for wedding videos, especially in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival is the premier showcase for independent film, in the US and internationally. In 2011 there were over 10,000 submissions with 3,812 features. Of the 118 features and 81 shorts screened, 20% were shot with HD DSLRs, further proof that the HD DSLR has become the camera of choice for many low-budget narrative filmmakers. To hammer this point even harder Canon EOS Mark11 was the "official" camera of Sundance 2011

Hgilight Video

Click here to see the highlight video for this cinematic wedding video; and click here to see the photoshoot from their full length cinematic wedding video.