Tea Ceremony Wedding Videos

Catherine Anselmi, our Director, has a Master's Degree from the College of Fine Arts, and an extensive background in the film industry. Catherine personally oversees the art direction of your wedding photography and videography. "I see my client's weddings as a theatre piece to be recorded with great sensitivity and attention to detail."
Tea Ceremony Wedding Videos Tea Ceremony Wedding Videos Tea Ceremony Wedding Videos

Brenda & William's Wedding Video

A 14 hour a Bespoke Luxury Package wedding video covered their whole day from the preparations of the bride and groom to the farewells. Arriving with a whole cook pig and may other gifts the groom must knock and seek admittance to the brides house where the first tea ceremony takes place. With beautiful altars and incense the traditions of their families are all captured in their wedding video.

William had created a lovely photo-montage of early days their relationship, which we inserted into their wedding video.

Tea Ceremony: Parentís Homes

Reception: Villa Capri Receptions, Cabramatta

Locations: The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan

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