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Catherine Anselmi, our Director, has a Master's Degree from the College of Fine Arts, and an extensive background in the film industry. Catherine personally oversees the art direction of your wedding photography and videography. "I see my client's weddings as a theatre piece to be recorded with great sensitivity and attention to detail."
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Cinematic Wedding Videos

When filming cinematic wedding video with a Canon HD DSRL camera, a shooter can produce breathtaking images; however, it does require skill, knowledge and the appropriate accessories, especially lenses, to achieve the best from these cameras. Digital is finally competing with the image quality of motion-picture film in regards to dynamic range and colour space.

All the images on the left are shot in low light situations using available ambient light (this is, without lighting the subjects). If these had been shot using a normal HD they would have been slightly out of focud, very dark with a strong grainy texture (called noise) over the whole image. The 5D cannot work in the dark but it's large sensor makes it better that any other video camera in low light situations for wedding cinematography

What is a Cinematic Wedding Video

A cinematic wedding video should refer to the use of the new Canon 5D DSLR cameras, which produce movie quality videos, capturing stunning imagery from a video camera the colour and clarity of the imagery, even in low light, is simply out of this world. However, there are many wedding sites that are using the term cinematic in a misleading way when referring to their HD cameras, which are not Canon HD DSLR cameras.

Alternatively, a cameraperson may have a Canon 5D but not have quality lenses to go with it. To achieve the best out of these cameras, high quality lenses are required.

At Vogue Video we only use Canon 5D DSLR cameras with high quality lenses for our cinematic wedding videos. The quality is so much better than other wedding HD cameras that we made the decision to only work with the best cameras.

Hgilight Video

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