Anh & Phil's Highlights Wedding Video

Catherine Anselmi, our Director, has a Master's Degree from the College of Fine Arts, and an extensive background in the film industry. Catherine personally oversees the art direction of your wedding photography and videography. "I see my client's weddings as a theatre piece to be recorded with great sensitivity and attention to detail."

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Two preparations, two ceremonies and a beautiful Sydney day made this a spectacular wedding video for Anh Nguyen and Phil Dymock.

They began their day in the Sheraton on the Park hotel right next to Hyde Park and on the opposite side of the park from St Mary's Cathedral.

The first preparation was for their Tea Ceremony, which was conducted in the Sheraton itself. They then returned to their suites to dress for their Church Ceremony in St Mary's Cathedral.

Vogue Video had two wedding videographers filming this wedding for the whole day. The first videographer stayed with Anh and her Bridesmaids filming her preparations, her dress and flowers and jewellery before and as she was dressed in them for her special day.

The second wedding videographer followed Phil and his Groomsmen as they dressed and fooled around, as boys do. The videographer set up some really nice shots with them and also captured their sense of fun and enjoyment of the day with their best friend, Phil. They then conducted a photo shoot on the staircase in the vestibule of the hotel before walking through Hyde Park to St Mary's Cathedral with the videographer following them all the way.

Meanwhile, Anh was being filmed as her dress was laced up and last touches were being added to her before a small photo shoot was conducted in her suite in her beautiful JoJo Arushie Bridal Couture dress. The videographer then filmed her leaving the hotel on the arm of her father and into her bridal car.

Anh's videographer then raced across Hyde Park with his camera gear to be in position to film her as she arrived at the church.

In the meantime Phil's videographer has filmed the location, the outside of the church, the inside of the church plus guests arriving. Most importantly he filmed Phil and his groomsmen as they met and greeted guests, prepared themselves for the wedding and positioned themselves at the front of the church to receive Anh.

At the ceremonhy the two wedding videographers positioned themselves at different positions in the church to get the best coverage of Anh & Phil, the service, the readings and the wedding guests.

Once again during the recessional one videographer was in front of the couple and one was at the back as they left the church.

From here the bridal party, the photographers and the two wedding videogaphers walked across to Hyde Park and began the Photo Shoot. One videogapher stayed for the entire Photo Shoot at all the locations whereas the other videographer stayed for half the Photo Shoot and then went back to Sheraton on the Park where he filmed the wedding guests enjoying their first drinks and canapés.

He then went into the Reception room before any guests entered and filmed the whole reception room in detail. This is usually the only way the couple get to see the Reception room with all the details they have chosen. By the time the Bridal Party arrives all the guests are seated and it is only in their wedding video by Vogue Video where they get to see how beautiful it looked with the flowers and candles and place settings etc. Once again the two wedding videographers position themselves in different places to film the best happening at the reception. During the speeches one videographer focuses on filming the speaker and the other on filming reaction shots and similarly through the Cutting of the Cake, the Bridal Waltz, Dancing and Farewells.

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